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Présentation au Forum SAME 2014

Through a joint action with the Plateforme Conception, part of the SCS Cluster, to promote ESL tools like Virtualizer from Synopsys to SMEs or start-up, we have developed a simulation-based demonstration of a full hardware/software sensor device interconnected into a 802.15.4-based network infrastructure. This co-simulation demonstration associates the network simulator OMNET++ and Virtualizer (based on SystemC-TLM).

The tools Platform Architect and Virtualizer from Synopsys are available onto the Plateforme Concpetion for SMEs and Startups.

This work was presented at the Booth of the Forum SAME-2014 at Sophia-Antipolis.

Title of the paper :

ESL design apporach of Hw/Sw wireless devices based on a Virtual Platform/Network co-simulation environment

Abstract of the paper :

 This work presents a simulation-based approach for the validation of both the ARC-based architecture of a communicating object and its embedded software, interacting with other objects within a networked distributed system. This approach is based on co-simulation connecting the SystemC-TLM-based virtual prototyping tool Virtualizer from Synopsys and the network simulator OMNET ++. Exchanges between objects modelled under OMNET ++ create the stimuli to observe the behavior within the object modelled with Virtualizer. With the increase of embedded software in systems such as IoT, this approach allows to develop and validate at ESL a system platform and the application software in a virtualized environment.

For more information :

The full paper :
PDF - 448 ko
The poster (A0 format) :
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